Akarua Lowburn Vineyard

Vineyard Block: Lowburn

Block Name: Lowburn

100% planting of Pinot Noir with a selection of clones to suit the challenging Lowburn soils and allowing the production of RUA Pinot Rosé 2015 & Sparkling Wines.

  • Lowburn
Vineyard Blocks

Hectare: 14
Height above sea level: Average 240 metres
Aspect and Orientation: Rows are orientated North/South.
Soil Breakdown: Lowburn vineyard has challenging soils due to different levels of soil retention. Special care is taken into irrigation and monitoring Lowburn, to ensure the vines receive accurate levels of water supply.
Year Planted: 2000
Variety Planted: Pinot Noir
Clones: 5, 6, 113 and 115
Trellis System: 50/50 split between cane pruning and spur pruning using the Vertical Shoot Position (VSP)
Final Wine Destination: RUA Pinot Noir


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