Akarua Cairnmuir Road Vineyard

Vineyard Block: Clutha

Block Name: Clutha

The largest block within the vineyard and some of the most mature vines. Planted with Pinot Noir. Named after the biggest river in the region, affectionately referred to as "The Mighty Clutha".

  • Clutha
Vineyard Blocks

Hectare: 18.2
Height above Sea Level: 247 – 277m (30m rise over 500m's)
Aspect & Orientation: North / West
Soil breakdown: Lower end where the Pinot Gris is planted is very sandy, free draining and low on nutrients.
Year planted: 1996 - 1998
Variety planted: 3.9 hectare of Pinot Gris and 14.3 hectare of Pinot Noir
Clones: Pinot Noir is clone 5, 6, 115 and 10/5. Northern end of the vineyard is predominantly clone 5 and targeted for Reserve Pinot Noir.
Trellis System: 2 Cane VSP
Final Wine Destination: Akarua Pinot Noir


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