Akarua Cairnmuir Road Vineyard

Vineyard Block: Cliffs Terrace

Block Name: Cliffs Terrace

Named after founder, Sir Clifford Skeggs, this is the smallest vineyard on the site and located closest to the actual winery. A warm site that is usually the first block to be picked.

  • Cliffs Terrace
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Hectare: 0.82
Height above Sea Level: 225 – 245m
Aspect & Orientation: North East / South West, steep terraced site.
Soil Breakdown: Shallow and weakly structured fine loess topsoils overlaying schist.
Year planted: 1999
Variety planted: 6 Hectares of Pinot Noir
Clones: mixed
Trellis System: 2 cane VSP
Final Wine Destination: Akarua Pinot Rosé 


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