Akarua Cairnmuir Road Vineyard

Vineyard Block: Cairnmuir Rise

Block Name: Cairnmuir Rise

7 hectare site, boarding Cairnmuir Road, which is planted with Pinot Noir with a soil base of about 800mm of sandy silt on deep, fine, alluvial gravel.

  • Cairnmuir Rise
Vineyard Blocks

Hectare: 7
Height above Sea Level: 219-230m
Aspect & Orientation: Faces west and catches most of the day’s sun. Row orientation is North/South.
Soil breakdown: Sandy silt on deep fine alluvial gravel.
Year planted: 1998 with clones 5 & 6 and then clone 115 in 1999 as planting material became available.
Variety planted: 3.9 hectare of Pinot Gris and 14.3 hectare of Pinot Noir
Trellis System: Trellis system high hanging cordon clones 5 & 6 to assist with frost and spur pruned VSP for 115.
Final Wine Destination: Reserve Pinot Noir & Rua Pinot Noir


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