Akarua Cairnmuir Road Vineyard

Vineyard Block: Cairnmuir Red

Block Name: Cairnmuir Red

Bordering Cairnmuir Road and one of the flattest blocks on the entire vineyard site. 100% planted in clone 114 Pinot Noir and responsible for some of the delicious upfront berry flavours in the Akarua Pinot Rosé and Pinot Noir.

  • Cairnmuir Red
Vineyard Blocks

Hectare: 4.25
Height above Sea Level: 219 – 221m (very flat)
Aspect & Orientation: Faces west and catches most of the day’s sun. Row orientation is East/West.
Soil breakdown: Young alluvial schist based soils.
Year planted: Planted with B114 it is the coolest block on the vineyard. Originally planted in 1998, a number of replants due to frost 1999-2004 and then 4,500ish replants due to severe frost. Since then the new windmill has controlled frost damage and the block has come into full production.
Variety planted: Pinot Noir
Clones: 114
Trellis System: Spur pruned and 2 cane VSP
Final Wine Destination: Akarua Pinot Noir and Akarua Pinot Rosé


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